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Grandmaster Gou Kong Jie started practising Chinese Martial Arts in 1960. Five years later, in 1965, he began learning Chen Style Tai Chi as an indoor senior student of Grandmaster Chen Zhao Kui (the Head and Heir of the 18th generation of the Chen Family). GM Gou has taught Chen Style Tai Chi extensively to both university and private students in many provinces around China since 1982. GM Gou has a wealth of experience and scientific teaching methods in Chen Style Tai Chi. He is good at cultivating Tai Chi talent and trained a large number of Chen Style Tai Chi senior instructors in both China and the UK.

GM Guo is a very talented martial artist of his generation having composed an unparalleled number of hand and weapon forms. Namely, the Chen Style 11 Form, Xinja 44 Short Form, Laojia 36 Short Form, KongJie’s Fan, Sword, Board Sword, Spear, Staff and Cane Form. When GM is not teaching, his favourite pastime is ploughing and harvesting in his vegetable field in Oxfordshire.

He is of high moral standing and a very respected guru and now served as the Advisor of Chen Style Tai Chi Academy.
Disciple Lampson in Competition

Master Lampson Leung – Head Chen Tai Chi Instructor

Disciple Lampson (Left) Grandmaster Guo (Right)
Lampson is a 12th Generation lineage holder and indoor disciple of Chen Style Tai Chi under the teachings and guidance of GM Guo Kong Jie. He was trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu before meeting GM Guo in 2010. As one of GM Guo most trusted disciple, Lampson received the closest tutelage from his master and had seen his skills improved remarkably.

In 2016, Lampson participated in the London Competition for Traditional Tai Chi Chuan (Open Category). The Open Category was reserved for the most experienced practitioners and having competed against 40 other more competitors in various Tai Chi styles (Chen, Sun, Wu, Yang) to obtain the Best Overall Hand Form in the competition.

In 2016, GM Guo inaugurated Lampson the Master title, recognising his skills and commitment in promoting Chen Style Tai Chi. Also, Lampson is the inheritor to the Short Staff/Cane form which GM Guo developed based on the physique, skills characteristic of his disciple Lampson during their training together. In GM Guo's opinion, the Short Staff/ Cane form was also his most satisfying creation characterises in its agility, stability, and all roundedness of the basic movements of Chen Style Tai Chi.