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Disciple Lampson (left) and Grandmaster Guo (right)
GM Chen Zhou kui (Top Left Photo) GM Feng Zhi Qiang (1st Left Third Row) GM Hong Jun Sheng (5th Left Third Row) GM Wang Xi An (2nd Left Second Row) GM Chen Xiao Wang (3rd Left Third Row) GM Guo Kong Jie (3rd Left 1st Row)
 Grandmaster Guo (center) ShenZhen, China
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(GM Guo’s Testimony) Lampson my most beloved disciple and diligent follower, having studied Chen Style Tai Chi, various weapon forms, Chinese Martial Arts and Culture on a regular one-to-one tutelage. Through your perseverance, diligence had seen remarkable improvements and have grasped the various hand and weapon forms (Board Sword, Spear, Sword, Staff, Crane) of Chen Style Tai Chi. Also achieving the most outstanding award in the London Open Tai Chi Chuan Competition, and having accumulated years of teaching experience.

I, therefore, grant my beloved disciple the title Master.